Brussels, Belgium


Forged from the embers deep within the crater of bass music, the Belgian based trio has been honing their signature sound for over a decade as of now. Following their loyal connection and output to various labels and their head honcho’s such as Proximity Recordings, Demand Records, Flexout Audio & Dispatch Recordings, they eventually managed to sign a well-received EP on the infamous imprint, 1985 Music. The single ‘Inferno’, featuring vocals of T-Man, was damaging drum & bass raves all over the globe. After this unexpected success, Bredren has kept pushing deep drum & bass music with consistent releases, international touring & the maturing of their own Brussels born platform Bredren Invites, promoting the deeper subgenre. Feeling blessed by the acknowledgement and support they’ve had from many throughout the years, we can now safely say the Belgians have established themselves as a household name across the deeper spectrum of drum & bass music.

Upcoming shows

Sun Jul 21 - Tomorrowland Festival, BoomFri Jul 26 - Outlook Origins, TisnoFri Jul 26 - Flexout vs Overview Boat Party at Outlook Origins, Tisno Fri Aug 2 - Campo Solar Festival, DammeThu Oct 31 - ARGEkultur, SalzburgTue Dec 31 - The Clock Factory, Bristol