Manchester, UK



As a solo artist DRS is two albums, an EP and countless features into his trajectory. His music is the sound of an artist becoming a master of his domain, a wry look at life underpinned by honesty and great writing. As a creative he works across different disciplines: music, film and art.

His success as an artist boils down to his refusal to speak on anything other than his truths, something that listeners can identify with, this is highlighted by three award wins at the Drum & Bass awards: Best MC, Best Vocalist and he featured on the Still Standing Remix which was awarded best remix. He is the go-to host for some of the finest that electronic music has to offer, from Calibre to Toddla T.

Upcoming shows

Fri Jul 12 - Turn It In at MELT, Los AngelesSat Jul 13 - The Black Box, DenverSun Jul 28 - Outlook Origins, Tisno (In Session)Sun Aug 25 - Moovin Festival, Stockport (In Session)Sat Sep 7 - Sun & Bass, SardiniaSat Nov 30 - Metalheadz at Loftas, Vilnius