London, UK


Mindstate (David Snaddon) – UK drum and bass producer from London releasing music on 1985 Music / Space Cadet / Precinct & TNQ – Delivering liquid drum & bass steeped in soul. Growing up on the coast has influenced the chilled, blissed-out and hypnotic aspect of his sound. Influenced specifically in drum & bass by legends Calibre who h’s recently remixed Mindstateʼs track “Broken Home” a collaborative project with Dogger and Liam Bailey on 1985 Music, the late, great, Marcus Intalex/ Lenzman/ Ed Rush and Optical and Alix Perez. Beyond these, artists such ‘s Bonobo, Gang Starr and The Pharcyde. Mindstate likes his music stripped back, allowing space for the vocal line to shine. The vocals bring warmth and soul to Dogger & Mindstateʼs crisp and atmospheric production — with watery pads and bright chord progressions, itʼs liquid at its most emotive, and its most meditative. Recent releases consist of “Different Roads” on TNQ – produced by Mindstate and Dogger featuring UK rappers Verbz and Sleazy F Baby. “TMWFTE” with DRS and Dogger on 1985, and most recently a solo single on Precinct called “Get A Move On” featuring Verbz, ‘ truly Hip Hop/Jazz infused drum and bass project.

Upcoming shows

Sat Jul 13 - 1985 Music at 60 Dock Road, LondonSat Jul 27 - Home of the Drum at The Workhouse, Llanfyllin