Hannover, DE



Creative freedom is the Zombie Cats credo. Being chameleons with vibe, showing their style can range from the deep soundscapes to technical club music with respected releases on Eatbrain, Liquicity or Dispatch. Touring the world since their breakthrough in 2015 Zombie Cats are loved by the audience for their precise production and energetic live sets. For Zombie Cats drum & bass and jungle is more than just music, it is a lifestyle, which should be respected from any angle. From being an ambassador for dnb step, or mentoring new artists, Zombie Cats help focus a positive open mind to all aspects of drum and bass and jungle culture. Now in 2022, a new level of breakthrough begins, with Zombie Cats delving into a hip hop fusion series. Launching with a collaboration with west coast hip hop legend ‘The Game’ they push the envelope of their unique brand of Drum and Bass to new levels.

Upcoming shows

Fri Jul 12 - Bass Paradise, BudapestFri Jul 19 - Roots Festival, MartinThu Aug 1 - Let It Roll Festival, MiloviceSat Aug 10 - Flex, Vienna Sat Aug 17 - Odonien, CologneSat Sep 14 - Gretchen, BerlinFri Oct 11 - Void Club, BerlinSat Oct 26 - Loco Klub, BristolSat Nov 16 - Brain Klub, BraunschweigFri Dec 6 - Cat Club, PleichSat Mar 15 - Void Club, Berlin